A Life Story is a unique gift.

When you give someone the gift of telling their life story you are giving them a space to share, the experience of being truly listened to, and something special that they in turn can give to their loved ones – the gift of sharing their life.

I believe that telling your life story can be an immensely powerful, pleasurable, and validating experience.

Reminiscing your life allows you to walk down the many paths in your mind, opening doors to cherished memories and forgotten memories, entering old rooms that were once rich, comfy, and full of life. Having someone guide you through this journey, supporting and listening to you, allows those doors to be re-opened once more.

Why record your Life Story?

A Life Story brings the past into the present.

It gives the person you love the opportunity to tell a story they might not have told before, to celebrate and remember fondly those paths they have taken, the events, and relationships that have shaped their lives.

It gives the person you love the assurance that their memories, wisdom, and family history will not be lost or forgotten but cherished and preserved for many years to come.

Memories that will fade with time can be re-lived and shared again and again.

Who records their Life Story?

In my work recording life stories for individuals, museums, not-for-profit organisations, and charities, I have seen how therapeutic telling your story can be.  It is a chance to speak and tell, of being truly heard, and an acknowledgement of a life lived.

I am a sensitive, intuitive interviewer with a real ability to connect and put people at ease, providing a safe space for the person you love to share their stories with openness and honesty. I will ask questions kindly and gently ensuring that they are relaxed and comfortable.

A Life Story will give the person you love –

  • the opportunity to reflect on their life and re-visit significant events and relationships
  • the opportunity to celebrate their life
  • the feeling of being valued
  • the experience of being truly listened to
  • an acknowledgement and validation of their experience and place in the world
  • the ability to pass on family history before it is lost or forgotten
  • a way to share their wisdom
  • a gift to give to their family – memories and knowledge to cherish and pass on
  • a unique legacy

The experience of recording a Life Story is so powerful because for those couple of hours the person you love is being invited to speak of their experiences without interruption and with complete focus. They are the most important person in the room.

What are the benefits of recording a Life Story?

Why listening to someone’s Life Story is important

Giving a Life Story is an expression of love.

A Life Story is not only an unforgettable gift for the person you love, it is also an investment for you, your family, and the generations that follow. 

When a Life Story is shared, a stronger connection can be formed. You can know your loved one better, understand them better, and a greater bond is created.

A Life Story reveals the life behind the voice.

Stories can bridge the generations, they encourage new conversations, the recollection of other memories and shared experiences in a family.

Giving a Life Story will capture the experiences of those who have the quietest voice in this technological age.

There is a richness and a depth to each of our voices and vocal expressions – a Life Story reveals more than just words and becomes incredibly precious, indeed priceless, when a loved one dies.

It’s in the tiny details – when we miss people, we long for those tiny details that our own memories no longer sharply remember.

Whilst we can not bring those we love back to life, we can seek comfort and joy in hearing their voice and stories in their Life Story.

We each have a voice individual to us and it is a privilege to be able to listen again to that special and familiar voice that belonged to someone we have lost.

We can remember as they remembered and our personal family histories can be passed through the generations.

A Life Story is a unique gift – it is an experience to cherish and a legacy to treasure.

To book a Life Story for someone you love, please call me on 07745 152741 or email me at vaska@lifestorytelling.co.uk

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