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I listened to Vaska’s productions online at The Curious Cat and was impressed by her professional caring, compassionate interviews so decided to put my trust in her and record my history.

I admit I was apprehensive but Vaska has an amazing relaxed manner and very quickly made me feel comfortable and at ease. What followed was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  With sensitive unobtrusive prompting from Vaska I was able to remember lots of happy memories which had been tucked away and hidden in corners of my mind for many many years.

Thank you Vaska for producing such a lovely sensitive recording. I really am so glad I went ahead. It was great to share with my children who laughed with me at the recorded memories and learnt new things about me, my thoughts and childhood, I hope one day my grandchildren will too.


Vaska interviewed my mother (aged 88) about her childhood memories of growing up in Scotland, on a hill farm, during the war. She knew how to ask just the right sort of questions to elicit interesting stories and anecdotes. My family is delighted with the result. We now have a fascinating recording of Mum’s voice talking about her memories. It is something our children, grandchildren and future generations will be able to cherish for ever. Thank you so much Vaska!


As a family we had always loved listening to our Mum’s stories about her childhood and early life in Scotland. We were brought up and lived all our lives in England so these Scottish stories had a special meaning for us. We decided to ask Vaska to record our Mum and her lovely voice recounting what she could remember of her life in her village.  We are so glad we did. Mum is now 87 and some of her stories are losing their clarity, so listening back to her recordings have given us all, Mum included, lots of laughs. Listening to them always stimulates new thoughts and memories for her, which are invaluable for us.

We wish we’d done this for our Dad who died unexpectedly at 69 but had a wealth of stories about his childhood and his travels in the Merchant Navy.


To book a Life Story for someone you love, please call me on 07745 152741 or email me at vaska@lifestorytelling.co.uk

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