A Life Story is an unforgettable and unique gift for someone you love.

Giving a Life Story celebrates their life, and gives your loved one an opportunity to reminisce the paths they have taken, the events, and relationships that have shaped their life.

Recording their Life Story leaves a unique legacy that they can share with their friends and family, ensuring their memories are not lost or forgotten, and that wisdoms are passed on.

A Life Story starts at ¬£397 and includes –

  • a pre-session introduction call to discuss what they would like their Life Story to focus on
  • the Life Story recording session
  • a photograph
  • the Life Story audio recording (on a USB flash drive and as an mp3 download)


To book a Life Story for someone you love, please call me on 07444 519506 or email me at vaska@lifestorytelling.co.uk

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